It’s A Kind Of Magic!

12 December 2017
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How the Wand™ is making pain-free dentistry a reality.

Embracing the latest technology in anaesthetic delivery, Hampsteads in Northallerton has become one of the first in the area to conquer the fear, pain, and anxiety of injections.

The revolutionary new treatment, called The Wand™, offers a computer controlled local anaesthesia delivery system bringing the days of painful injections to an end. It represents the first major technological advance in anaesthetic delivery since the syringe was first invented over one hundred & sixty years ago.

For nervous or needle-phobic patients, the Wand™ is already changing their perceptions of visiting the dentist. With no visible needles or syringes any initial apprehension is minimised. The computer controlled constant flow of anaesthetic goes on to ensure that there is minimal awareness that the anaesthetic is even being administered. Unlike traditional dental injections The Wand™ can be positioned more accurately and has a controlled flow rate providing more rapid onset of anaesthesia and helping to eliminate the lingering numbness of the tongue, lips, and face.

The combination of visual difference and painless performance makes for a much more comfortable experience for  patients. Some people get more nervous than others at the mere sight of a needle and syringe. The Wand™ genuinely sets people free from their fear of treatment and that is a great thing to experience. It’s magic!

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