Whiter smiles from Hampsteads

At-Home Teeth Whitening

Whiten Your Smile In The Comfort Of Your Own Home

At-home teeth whitening (also known as tray whitening) has become one of the most popular methods of teeth whitening available, not least because it can be done from the comfort of your own home.

At Home Teeth Whitening usually involves three short appointments at the practice.

During the first appointment we will take an impression of your mouth by placing a soft putty-like material over your teeth for two minutes. When the impression has set, it is removed from the mouth, creating a precise mould of your teeth and gums.

At this stage the shade of your teeth is recorded and a photograph taken for future reference. The impressions are sent to a specialist laboratory, where your custom-made trays are created. The trays are made specifically for your mouth and will fit your teeth perfectly. They are soft and flexible, making them very comfortable.

During your second appointment we will check the fit of your trays and show you how to apply the teeth whitening gel for optimum results. You will be instructed to wear the trays overnight for 10-14 nights.

At the final review appointment we will assess how the treatment has whitened your teeth and take a final shade and photograph. This enables us to measure how many shades lighter your teeth are at the end of treatment.

At Hampsteads we offer a ‘White For Life’ service whereby you can re-visit us at any time following a cycle of whitening to purchase top-up whitening gel. All we ask is that you bring your trays with you for us to check and advise you on use of gel. Topping up periodically enables you to maintain your brighter, whiter smile when you notice fade back.

If you would like to book a free of charge teeth whitening consultation please call us on 01609 761377 or complete the enquiry form.

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