Beautiful lips that enhance your face


The Perfect Pout

Do you long for plumper lips or simply a natural looking, fuller smile?

One of the most effective ways to feel more confident about your appearance is to enhance the shape and possibly the fullness of your lips as well as your smile. Also, by softening the creases around the corners of your mouth you can look instantly rejuvenated. At Hampsteads, we specialise in natural lip enhancement using world leading products and applying different techniques dependent on where the volume is required.

During your free of charge consultation you can discuss your concerns and aims in detail, starting with how you want your lips to look. This is extremely important to ensure that what you are looking for is achievable and will match the overall shape and structure of your face. Unlike some practitioners we do not look at the lips in isolation and are trained to look at the full anatomy of the face and smile.

Most common areas for Lip Filler

Volume to body of lip
The most common area of the lips to enhance is the body of the lip. We can balance out your top and bottom lips by adding volume, making your lips look fuller.

Vermillion border
Using lip injections in the vermillion border of your lip (between your skin and lip surface) we can define and enhance your lip. The effect of this treatment is similar to wearing a lip liner. Your lip treatment can also soften and smooth vertical upper lip lines.

Volume to corners
Filler can also help add volume to the corners of your mouth. During the ageing process this area loses volume, resulting in a downward turned mouth. Enhancing this area with dermal fillers will help your lips turn upwards so you appear happier and more youthful.

Cupid’s bow
This is the V shaped area in the centre of your upper lip. Using dermal fillers here will add plumpness to the lip and improve the overall shape.

Pain free, minimal bruising…

We have the most advanced pain relief techniques available in order to make your treatment as comfortable as possible. Dependent on the area of the lip we may use any of the following:

Local anaesthetic cream – Before your lip injections, we can topically apply anaesthetic cream to the lip area to help numb it.

Anaesthetic block using the Wand  – This is designed to completely numb the lower part of the face. As soon as treatment is complete the anaesthetic stops working so there is no lingering numbness. The benefit is that you will feel nothing whilst treatment is administered.

Lip filler using a cannula – For volume enhancing treatments to the body of the lips we use the specialist cannula technique. This technique is advantageous over the needle technique as a cannula allows us to accurately target where the filler is placed, significantly reducing any potential risk of blocking arteries. You will also experience less bruising & swelling than if filler was administered by a needle.


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