The clear choice for teenagers

Invisalign Teen®

Invisible Braces…Made For Teens, Designed For Self Esteem

Becoming a teenager is not easy at the best of times. Most teenagers are very sensitive about how they look and dread the thought of brackets and wires on their teeth. This is where Invisalign Teen® Clear Braces can help straighten their teeth.

The Invisalign Teen® teeth straightening system is designed to be discreet and removable,  perfect for teenagers who require orthodontic work but who don’t want brackets and wires on their teeth. What’s more your teenager can continue to enjoy the things they love, from their favourite foods to sport & music without impediment whilst being able to brush and floss with normal ease.

Why Choose Hampsteads Dental Practice for Invisalign® Teen?

Similar to treatment with conventional braces we will initially take photographs, x-rays and digital scans of your teeth and produce a treatment plan. These records are turned in to a 3D digital representation of your teeth (the ClinCheck®) which shows the movement of teeth from start to finish. Unlike conventional orthodontics you will be able to see a 3D image of the end results.

The Invisalign Teen® aligners are made from a lightweight plastic material designed to fit around your teeth and will be changed every two weeks for a new one. Teen aligners feature a blue dot indicator to allow you and your dentist to gauge approximately how long you have worn the aligners for and help assess the progress of your treatment. The dot is designed to fade to clear over a two-week period, if you wear your aligners properly.

Each aligner is slightly different from the previous one and moves your teeth gently into the desired position and a smile you‘ll be proud of. The length of treatment may vary dependant on the severity of your case. On average cases take approximately 9-18 months.

If you are considering private orthodontic treatment for you child and would like to book a free Teeth Straightening Consultation then please call our reception on 01609 761377.


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