Retention Advice

Maintain Your New Smile Forever

Once you’re teeth are straight, we want them to stay straight, so we always recommend you wear retainers at the end of any orthodontic treatment.

Without some form of retention the teeth will move gradually over time – they can ultimately end up in their original positions if retainers are not worn as directed.

Your teeth are most at risk of moving back or relapsing in the first 1-2 years following your treatment which is why we will see you for periodic retention reviews. After about 12 months use of the retainers, the amount of wear can be reduced slowly over a period of years, but we still advise occasional use to maintain your beautiful straight smile in later years.

We will discuss retention with you in much more detail and advise which of the retention options are right for your individual case & lifestyle.

To find out more about Retention please visit our FAQ’s section.

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