Dramatic results, a dazzling smile

Deep Bleaching

The Ultimate In Teeth Whitening In Northallerton

Our smile is often the first thing people notice about us and often the first thing we notice on others. If you’re really looking for the WOW factor then this teeth whitening treatment is for you. Quite simply it is the best treatment for delivering the brightest, whitest smile using your natural teeth.

The treatment itself is in two stages involving a first conditioning stage of wearing custom made trays overnight for 14 consecutive nights followed by a 45 minute in-surgery ‘blast’ appointment on the 15th day.

As with all teeth whitening your treatment would start with an initial free-of-charge consultation to assess your suitability for whitening and discuss the various whitening options with you, giving you the opportunity to ask questions and discuss your goals with us.

If you decide to go ahead with Deep Bleaching we will take records of your mouth in order to produce your customised trays.

At this stage the shade of your teeth is recorded and a photograph taken for future reference. The records are sent to a specialist laboratory, where your custom-made trays are created.

During your second appointment we will check the fit of your trays and show you how to apply the Deep Bleaching teeth whitening gel for optimum results. You will be instructed to wear the trays overnight for 14 consecutive nights.

The final part of your treatment will be spent in-surgery using your whitening trays and our special whitening lamp. This last stage of treatment is very important as it helps to further improve the effectiveness of the whitening treatment giving long-lasting results.

At Hampsteads we offer a ‘White For Life’ service whereby you can re-visit us at any time following a cycle of whitening to purchase top-up whitening gel. All we ask is that you bring your trays with you for us to check and advise you on use of gel. Topping up periodically enables you to maintain your brighter, whiter smile when you notice fade back.

If you would like to book a free of charge teeth whitening consultation please call us on 01609 761377 or complete the enquiry form.


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