BEAM In-Surgery Whitening

Fast, Effective Teeth Whitening

A revolutionary new teeth whitening treatment that gives a dramatically whiter smile in just over 1 hour. BEAM teeth whitening is leading the way in ‘lunch time’ teeth whitening as it is quick and highly effective with the additional benefit of a professional strength take home whitening kit with custom made trays to be used after the in-surgery treatment.

Designed for for people that want to leave the dentist with an instantly brighter, more confident smile; and be able to maintain that white  smile for years to come.

The treatment involves a 1hr 15 minute appointment in the surgery where a whitening gel is applied directly to your teeth. Our LED lamp is used on your teeth to accelerate the whitening process.

After your in surgery whitening treatment you are given whitening gel to take home and complete the treatment. This helps boost the initial shade and ensure long lasting results. You will receive custom fitting whitening trays to wear with the gel.

Teeth whitening


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