The Key To Lasting Oral Health

29 November 2017
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When it comes to maintaining oral health, it is the hygienist who is often the most important person in the practice.

A dental hygienist is a specially trained professional who works with the dentist to provide specialist care to help you maintain your orals health and prevent decay. They will work with you to ensure teeth and gums are kept healthy and fresh through a mixture of treatment at ther practice and advice and guidance on how to look after your teeth and gums at home.

Prevention is always better than cure. Gum disease can be detected and treated i it’s very early stages by careful monitoring and regular visits to the dental hygienist. More advanced gum disease, in many cases, can be prevented by good home care advice from the hygienist. The dental hygienist is highly skilled in removing hard deposits, tartar or calculus and stains. In cases where more advanced gum disease is present they can maintain gum health by removing the sticky film where the harmful bacteria thrive below the gum line.

The hygienist will work with you to show you the best way to keep your teeth healthy and clean. they will show you how to clean between you teeth with interdental brushes, floss or tape.

Regular visits and advice will help build your confidence in keeping your mouth healthy and drastically reduce the chances of you suffering from decay or gum disease in the future.

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